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About Our Company

GOODS OF THE WOODS began simply in the woods of Northern California in 1936 with one product, magical color cones, that were made by harvesting naturally fallen pine combs from California pines.  We now make many additional products but the common theme remains – the production of items in nature to bring pleasure to those who use wood burning fireplaces and campfires.  Some things have changed over the years, including relocation to Tennessee in 1991 but the constant is the pure simple enjoyment of creating products that people buy because they make their homes more enjoyable.  Our product inventory consists of hearth rugs, guardian fiberglass hearth rugs, grill mats, magical color changing cones, fatwood firestarter, pine comb firestarter, fire resistant gloves, log carriers, and sampler hearth gift baskets.  to Tennessee in 1991.  Since 2023, Goods of the Woods is a first responder-owned business operating in Tennessee. 

Goods of the Woods